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To create and invest in innovative companies that will build the next generation of bio-technologies.


    Musea Ventures was founded in 2007 by Sass and Talli Somekh to create and invest in new companies with exciting technologies in biotech. We are enthusiastic investors, seeking to take executive and close advisory roles with our companies to assist our partners to maximize their opportunities for success.


    Our biotech investments are from instruments and medical devices to biofuels, feed, food and healthcare. We have been instrumental in founding companies in each of these fields, helping to conceive the business model, investing the first capital and using our strong connections in the venture capital world to raise significant institutional rounds.


    In our journeys through the technology world, we’ve gotten involved in field of synthetic biology. Synthetic biology is an effort to bring the discipline of traditional engineering fields like electrical and software engineering to the biological sciences. Musea has become deeply involved in helping to grow synthetic biology so that the engineering of biology can become easier and economical. In addition to our investments in the field, the Somekh Family Foundation were the founding donors of the BioBrick Foundation.